Our stone, concrete, and pavers work is rugged, attractive, and built to last.

Flawless Hardscaping That Fits Your Space

As a complete landscaping services provider, Abc Plant Nursery and Garden can do much more than just mow the grass. In Albany, our hardscaping work is starting to draw more and more attention from clients looking to upgrade the function of their property. Eschewing the ragged older look, our team completes patios, driveways, retaining walls, and more that not only work – they look great as well.

Done wrong, hardscaping can be a severe eyesore and can detract heavily from both the appearance and usage of your space. At Abc Plant Nursery and Garden, our team has been working with pavers, wood, stone, and more and we're proud of our ability to build from a wide range of materials. Regardless of the material we're using, you can rest assured that it will be high quality and stand the test of time.

In planning out the hardscaping job to be done, whether it's a water fountain or a gazebo, we'll show you examples of our previous work as well as discuss the pros and cons of each material and style. Unlike other hardscaping firms in Albany that use prefab plans, the majority of our work is custom created on a case by case basis.

Your Albany property's hardscaping doesn't have to be drab – call Abc Plant Nursery and Garden at 229-888-3964 for an elegant hardscaping solution.

For Landscaping That Truly Pops, Call 229-888-3964 TO LEARN MORE ABOUT WHAT WE DO.

Abc Plant Nursery and Garden has an extensive history working in the greater Albany area and is ready to serve your landscaping needs.


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